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Inbound Call Handling - 0870/0845/0871/0808/0800/070X

Are your customers satisfied with your current call handling? Are you satisfied? Some common issues your customers are likely to face are:-

  • Not reaching you or your staff when required
  • Being passed through several hops before reaching you or your staff
  • Hearing "busy" or "engaged" tone when your phone line is busy
  • Being frustrated when routed to voice mail or an answering machine


Research has shown that you are probably losing customers if they regularly experience the above issues. Your business image will also suffer.



YOUR call handling issues?


Do you also sometimes find you miss vital client calls? Would you like your customers to easily connect with your relevant departments? Need a customised service rather than an "off the shelf" product?


Utilisation of 0870 / 0845 /0800 / 0871 / 070X numbers and advanced call handling capabilities present a powerful solution.


Professional grade 0870 / 0845 / 0800 / 0871 / 070X solutions also provide additional benefits that help drive your business forward.



Our Solutions


New Prospect Business Solutions specialises in tailoring call handling solutions to meet exact requirements. We differentiate ourselves by giving unbiased and honest advice comprising over 11 years telecoms experience.


We offer best deals for 0870 / 0845 / 0871 / 0800 / 0808 / 070X numbers with customised routing solutions that match your requirements.


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