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Did you know?

60% of all business would fail without disaster recovery





Your hard disk could fail ANYTIME




Thousands of business PCs are stolen every year, especially laptops






Why take the risk?

2 week no obligation trial with our online data backup service

professional online data backup

Online Data Backup & Recovery

Secure hassle free backups every day

Number one professional choice for PCs, Laptops and Servers

Online backup you can trust (IBM, PWC, C&W, Energis, Level3)

New - Save time uploading your first backup by using our "Snapshot" service - high data volumes for online back is now easy. Read our Snapshot brochure for more details


With over 60% of all data held on computer systems the need to backup critical files has never been greater. Last year the DTI issued a report stating most UK companies are at risk. Does this include you?


Online data backup removes the every day pain from backing up your data, offers higher offsite security and is cheaper/faster/easier than using tapes. Soon, all companies will backup this way. Download a our pdf brochure for more information.



The offer for you and your business

automated online data backup bullet point A market leading professional grade online data backup and recovery service

professional online data backup Data backup to a secure offsite location (IBM UK) giving your data maximum security

online data backup for linux No sign up fee, friendly support and web restore included as standard

linux online backup Professional online data backup up software (PWC) bundled without charge

number one choice for online data backup Email, phone AND remote dial in setup included for ALL clients

windows online data backup Higher security and cheaper than tapes. See our tape comparison.

low cost online data backup Low cost start from 8.99 for unlimited backups and excellent customer service.



2 week RISK FREE trial

An invaluable insurance..... 

Many business and household items are insured, such as cars and contents, which are replaceable- your data is not unless backed up. Don't leave this critical insurance out.


Research reveals astonishing facts about how data is lost:-


Data loss

off site data backup for windows 44% due to hardware failure or system malfunction

automated online data backup bullet point 3% due to natural disasters

secure online data backup 21% due to viruses

off site data backup bullet point 32% due to human error


If you do nothing you will surely lose valuable data at some point in time. Sign up today.

What does it cost? 

Our online data backup service starts at 8.99 per month. Protect PC's, Servers, and Laptops. Call us on for more information.


2 week RISK FREE trial


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