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Research has shown that you are probably losing customers if callers are connected to incorrect departments or if they regularly don't receive an answer.


Another annoying experience for your prospects is when receptionists retract a call after a failed transfer.


Worse still is when they answer a transferred call as though you are a new caller when you have actually been trying to get through for the last 10 minutes!

a headache for your customers to get through?



 Using a virtual switchboard


A virtual switchboard will enable your customers to get through to the right department every time. Callers hear a welcome message followed by a choice of departments selectable from a touch tone keypad.


Consider the following example:


  1. Incoming call received to your business
  1. Caller hears a welcome message and three options - "press 1 for sales, 2 for support and 3 to leave a message"
  1. Caller enters '2' and is connected straight to your support personnel


It's a simple and obvious solution to a wide spread problem. Virtual Switchboard also delivers many other benefits , including unified messaging, which help your business to increase revenue and profitability. Download our virtual switchboard brochure (pdf) for further details.


A tailored approach


We will discuss your requirements with you and design a solution to meet your exact needs. We specialise in making sure your callers enjoy a pleasant experience, encouraging them to offer you repeat business and spread the word.


When combined with our customised routing capabilities we can ensure you receive incoming calls on the move or away from your normal place of work including abroad.


 Call Answering


When your staff are too busy to answer phone calls or are away from the office, you can opt to use our call answering service. All overflow calls will be professionally answered in your company name and a message passed on to your staff at their convenience.


Affiliate Scheme


We have an affiliate scheme for our virtual switchboards and 0870, 0845, 0207, 0871, numbers. Visit the affiliate scheme web page and sign up.


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